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spinningWelcome to the world of Artmuse Designs! I hope you enjoy browsing my site, discovering what inspires my creative process and how ideas and products here can become part of your creativity too!

I’m Chrissy, I was born on the doorstep delivered by a London policemen and have happily been thinking outside the box ever since! Growing up in post ‘make do and mend’ era, meant that I learnt lots of interesting crafts at an early age, making something from nothing and always asking myself : ‘What can I make out of this?

I’m not sure when I first played with yarn, but I can remember crocheting a blanket with a comb handle and I still have some of the sketches for the first teenage doll clothes I knitted. I loved helping unpick garments and winding skeins into balls ready for something new. Now that I also spin my own yarn I get a real kick out of the whole process from sheep to knitting needles. The sense of ‘I did that!’ never goes away.

After years of being a special needs teacher, I finally took myself off to college to immerse myself in art and textiles. For a little while I had my own studio painting landscapes and portraits. One fine day after a walk I spotted some alpaca in a field and went to ask the owner to sell me some fibre to felt and knit with. Kerry gave me some yarn to play with and from there I began designing for Toft Alpaca; a new career was born. After moving to Wales, I became interested in local rare breeds and started spinning my own yarn, which I love! I have a special interest in rare breeds and local yarns and try to let you know more about my ‘suppliers’ and the processes involved that bring you your lovely yarn.

Now I design knitwear, for myself and other yarn companies. With each design I try to do something a little different and make it an interesting knit -still asking myself, ‘How else can I do that!’

I still teach art classes and make great use of my own sketch book in the design process.I spin, knit,weave and develop creative textiles and products. I take workshops and give demonstrations sharing the skills and techniques that I have acquired,taking on exciting new commissions and encouraging others to do the same.

I’d love for you to join me on my creative journey.